Our services

We provide a full range of services in the field of loyalty programs: concept and strategy development, loyalty program financial model evaluation, audit, employee selection and training, software and hardware selection, integrated management and operational consulting.

Main services

Loyalty program's concept development
Individual concept development according to current and strategic company's objectives. The concept usually includes: goals, basic and additional marketing mechanics, promotion mechanics, potential performance assessment, detailed scenario and rules, technology requirements.
But you can order only the necessary blocks of concept development those you need the most at this moment.
Operational and on-demand consulting, expert support
We help you to solve any questions in the field of management, development or planning for already implemented or planned loyalty programs. Operational consultations can be given either as part of a service package that includes a fixed number of hours, or within a one-time consultation format.
Loyalty programs audit and recomendations
Comprehensive loyalty program efficiency assessment, modernisation and development recommendations.
We perform as a project office taking over complete management and development of the loyalty program.
It is possible to allocate an employee within the project for in-house presence to the customer's side.
Training and recruitment
Individual and group employee trainings, loyalty departments creation, recruitment and selection assistance.
IT platforms selection
We will help you choose a loyalty management system supplier according to your project's concept and business scenario and set appropriate implementation and integration tasks.
Loyalty program's concept - is
a complete scenario that enables you to run a loyalty program.
The concept usually includes 4 key blocks and stages, you may request the complete concept design or to select some of the blocks you need the most.
Creating measurable loyalty program goals and metrics based on business objectives.
Marketing mechanics
Choosing and developing of loyalty program's concept basis: monetary, service, content, combined.
Developing, selecting and adapting additional public and personal campaign mechanics aimed at loyalty program's goals.
Financial model
Loyalty program's efficiency forecast: in general and for each additional mechanics type in the "pessimism — realism" fork.
Basic concept and additional mechanics set adjustment based on the efficiency forecast..
Loyalty program's detailed rules, launch and adjusting additional marketing mechanics promotions procedures description, mass procedures and communication policy description, additional requirements for the IT complex (if not selected in advance).
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